Financial Director (FD)

With our expertise and experience in helping businesses succeed and grow, our model means that you can benefit from our valuable advice and strategic direction without spending c.£60,000 each year on a full time Finance Director.

Whilst most small companies deal well with book keeping, banking, cash management, compliance, IT systems and reporting, in our experience there is a big void in areas such as risk assessment and financial planning and this is where Scott Vevers can help you.

If you think a Part Time FD could be for you and your business then please read on…..

Having us on board is like having ‘someone like you’ who you can off load all your strategic ideas and concerns to on a weekly or monthly basis and have them reviewed, developed and packaged up into a logical action plan. The job then gets done as diligently as you would do it yourself if you had the time and expertise.

The reality is our FD’s will fit more work into the day as they have short, focused timescales and work on specific objectives, just like a consultant.

Our network also ensures access to a wealth of experts across the professional services spectrum (HR, Legal etc) so you don’t need to waste time finding resources yourself when the time arises.

There are of course no national insurance contributions or holiday pay, and your part time FD is never side tracked by office politics. Essentially your part time FD is your highly capable and trusted partner.

Call us now on 01308 423237 or 01305 881009 and ask for Marcus Cridland (our FD) to discuss this further or visit our contact page