We have partnered with NTM Financial Services Ltd to provide our clients with a Financial Advice service that will give you a structure to build your financial freedom. We work together to help you develop a balance between a comfortable life now and financial freedom later.

NTM’s financial advice service offers you a quality service focused on one or more of these areas:

  1. Pensions — retirement and post retirement advice
  2. Investment & Savings — short, medium and long term including Ethical Investing
  3. Protection for you and your loved ones
  4. Buying a home, mortgages and mortgage protection
  5. Estate planning — keeping your money in the family.

You benefit from their 6 stage advice process:

  1. Establish your goals — short medium and long term
  2. Work out and document your current financial and personal position
  3. Analyse your details and produce a recommendation to meet your goals
  4. Meet with you to discuss their recommendation (this can be done online if preferable)
  5. Implement what you agree from the advice provided
  6. Monitor the progress and adjust the advice to meet new or different goals.

Financial Advice focuses your resources so that you can start to take steps towards financial freedom. You receive advice from a fully qualified and highly skilled and experienced adviser.

Please call Scott Vevers on 01308 423237 or 01305 881009 to discuss your needs and we can introduce you to NTM.