On-Line PaymentsYou’ve written the cheque, licked the envelope, deposited it in the post box, it’s out of your hands now. Ever find yourself thinking “what if it doesn’t arrive in time?” or “what if it gets lost in the post?”.

Earlier this year managers at Scott Vevers dealt with numerous calls from anxious clients about missing payments to HMRC and, unfortunately, in some of those cases the cheques did not arrive at their destination. As you can imagine this caused stress as well as additional work for the clients who had to contact their banks to cancel cheques and organise for the money to be paid as quickly as possible in order to avoid penalties.

Did you know that you can make payments to HMRC online? You can pay your Self Assessment Tax bill, VAT bill, NICs, Corporation Tax, in fact you can make just about any payment to them in this way.

There’s lots of guidance on their website: www.gov.uk/topic/dealing-with-hmrc/paying-hmrc and, of course, if you need any further advice on making payments you can always talk it over with your accountant.

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