“Marcus and Scott Vevers provide our company with a great accountancy service. The best thing though is that Marcus can offer good advice in all topics of business. I for one look at him as a “big brother” in business and someone that I can get good sound advice from at any time.”
Richard in Weymouth
“I have worked with Scott Vevers for 10 years and can identify strong and consistent management in all of the services that they provide. Any Client needing innovative Business Financial management advice, control and accountancy should not hesitate to contact Marcus.”
Robert in Bridport
“We have worked with Scott Vevers for many years and the level of service and organisation has been excellent throughout. The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to recommend them.”
Philip in Dorchester

Marcus and Scott Vevers have been a pleasure to deal with. When I wanted to start my own business Marcus took the time to sit down and discuss my plans, and the options available to me.

I appreciated his time, patience and ability to explain matters in terms that I could easily understand and make an informed decision about. Since then the team have been very professional and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.

John in Weymouth

We really appreciate the support and level of service offered by Scott Vevers Accountants and would thoroughly recommend them. We’ve always been impressed with how clearly matters are explained and with how friendly, responsive, thorough and efficient they are on a day-to-day level.

Our company has developed significantly over the last couple of years and it’s crucial for us to know that the financial side of things is in good hands. Having the expertise of Scott Vevers behind us gives us the peace of mind to focus on what we do best.

Mary & Craig in Bridport

We are a Dorset based company and buy our products from abroad. We started in a reasonably small way but have grown over the past 7 years into a multi million pound company.

Due to the nature of our business this growth has put strain on various parts of the business and has meant we have had to discover new systems, deal with issues such as intrastat, and to start to realise that people were actively looking at financial data to decide whether to do business with us – with all that in mind a good accountant is a completely key part of the team.

We had started off with a small accountancy firm who had looked after our personal affairs for some time. They were keen to keep our business but after a couple of years we realised that we were growing out of their comfort zone and whereas they liked the fees they were not really capable of dealing with the more complicated issues we had with exchange rates, vat, audit, payroll etc.

Reluctantly I started to look around at various alternatives. As it is very difficult to find ‘the right person’ to share your finances with, I had meetings with three local accountants and had our bank recommend a couple of firms – in general I was pretty underwhelmed by the vast majority who, it seemed to me, had possibly been doing the same accounts for the same clients for years and years. We wanted someone very sound with a good brain for business.

I then came across Scott Vevers and had a meeting with Marcus Cridland – immediately it seemed that some of our complications did not seem complicated to Marcus, neither did our various confusions with foreign exchange and the like, he even didn’t blink when we explained some of the errors that had been made in the past – even more pleasantly Marcus and his staff then delivered exactly what they had promised, they took what they needed, helped us set up new systems to deal better with our requirements whilst not giving us the feeling that they were looking to charge some amazing fee.

We received sensible fee quotations in advance and understand that good work has to paid for – generally they have created an environment where our accounts, statutory submissions and all the areas they take responsibility for are completed without fuss, on time and with clear evidence that they are being produced by people who are thinking about what is best for the company and its directors.

I could not be happier and am greatly relieved that we have found a local company that can deliver, even in very complicated areas, which has meant we did not have to go and secure the services of one of the large firms, who, we were worried, we would not find an alternative to. Long may it continue.

Mike in Weymouth
“Scott Vevers offer a good value and expert service. They are easy to speak to and offer very sound professional advice. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”
Julian in Bridport
“Scott Vevers have been our accountants for many years and have given us exceptional service throughout this time. As our business has grown they have offered wise advice and support as we’ve needed it. The have always been helpful, friendly and thorough in providing accountancy services to us. We’ve recommended them to other colleagues and clients and fully intend to into the future. “
Jon in Dorchester
“Marcus has always been very efficient and helpful in dealing with our tax affairs. He is always easy to approach with any queries be they big or small.”
Eleanor in Chard
“Scott Vevers have been my Company and personal accountant for several years. I have always found the staff both professional and helpful and would not hesitate to recommend him.”
Dana in Surrey
“Marcus is not your typical accountant. Marcus is approachable and as a new business I have certainly found his advice invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending Marcus and Scott Vevers Accountants – worth every penny.”
Claire in Bridport
“Marcus is a very erudite, professional and capable individual. I am delighted to have found such a high quality individual in his field.”
Gordon in London

I have worked with Scott Vevers since December 2007. Year on year they have provided me with an excellent service and year round advice if I’ve had any queries.

Even though I am working in Exeter we always work around my business and hectic schedule.

I would recommend Scott Vevers for any accountancy needs.

Lorna in Exeter






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