Halloween History

Halloween can be traced back as far as the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celts were a farming and agricultural people who lived by the seasons, and Samhain marked the end of summer and the time for harvest before the onset of winter.

The festival marks the boundary between the world of the living […]

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108 days to Tax Return deadline!

We don’t want to panic you but did you realise that there are only 108 days to the January 31st deadline to submit your tax return?

OK so it’s not just around the corner but how many times have you said “this year is going really fast” so far in 2018? It feels like we […]

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Marriage Allowance

According to HM Revenue and Customs over 3 million people have boosted their finances by claiming Marriage Allowance, with an estimated 1 million people still eligible for the tax break which is worth up to £238 per year.

Applying for the allowance is quick and easy. The new online form takes approximately 10 minutes to […]

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Used Stamps for Weldmar Hospicecare, Children In Need and Wrong Trousers Fundraising Fun Update!

The sunny days of summer seem like a long time ago now, but the memory of our fun on Wrong Trousers Day in June still keeps us warm!

What a sunny day it was. Didn’t the bunting look pretty. What amazing trousers we wore.  What a fabulous opportunity for friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and let’s […]

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Enid Blyton’s Dorset Adventures

Enid Blyton first visited Purbeck in the 1940’s and fell in love with the area.

She and her family spent a great deal of time in Dorset and many of our iconic locations feature in her tales.

Born in 1897, she wrote some 762 stories before her death in 1968. And although some of the characters […]

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Charities Tax Exemptions

Are you responsible for running a registered charity? Do you know which tax exemptions you may be eligible for or what taxes you are not immune from?

Organisations must meet specific criteria to be defined as a charity for tax purposes. They must be established for charitable purposes only, be registered with the relevant regulatory […]

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Agriculture and Farming tax schemes

Hard working farmers are subject to a variety of tax requirements, and there are a number of agriculture and farming tax schemes in place to assist them.

Agricultural Property Relief (APR) for inheritance tax, Farmers Averaging Relief for income tax, agricultural flat rate VAT schemes and a range of VAT rates on goods and services […]

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Making Tax Digital – Xero

Making Tax Digital is part of the government’s plans to help individuals and businesses keep on top of their taxation affairs and means the end of the need for annual tax returns.

Although businesses will not be mandated to use the system until April 2019, and only then to meet their VAT obligations at first, […]

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Don’t Miss The Tax Credit Renewal Date – 31st July 2018

If you are claiming Tax Credit you should have already been sent a renewal pack.

If your renewal pack has a red line across the first page and the message “reply now”, you must ensure you renew by the 31st July and let HMRC know about any changes in your personal circumstances.  for information about how […]

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On-line payments – the more secure way to pay HMRC

You’ve written the cheque, licked the envelope, deposited it in the post box, it’s out of your hands now. Ever find yourself thinking “what if it doesn’t arrive in time?” or “what if it gets lost in the post?”.

Earlier this year managers at Scott Vevers dealt with numerous calls from anxious clients about missing […]