Tax ReturnWe don’t want to panic you but did you realise that there are only 108 days to the January 31st deadline to submit your tax return?

OK so it’s not just around the corner but how many times have you said “this year is going really fast” so far in 2018? It feels like we had Christmas, snow, more snow, a heatwave and then straight into autumn, where has the year gone?

It’s easy to put off until tomorrow what you could be doing today. We still have those colourful crisp autumnal days to enjoy and then the hub-bub of Christmas.

The days and weeks just slip away and then you realise it’s January!

But no panic, you can pull it all together in time can’t you? You know where all the paperwork is don’t you?  You kept a track of everything didn’t you?  Beginning to panic now?

Why put yourself through that, why not get ahead of the game, get your paperwork ready and to your accountant, put the time in now and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back – you know it makes sense!

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